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MEATmarket and it’s sister restaurants are well known among London burger fanatics. For those looking for a delicious & messy burger or hotdog the restaurant offer a very good selection of grub to feast on. Personally we slightly prefer the burgers at Patty & Bun, which serve similar ‘messy@ style burgers, but it’s a very close call between the two. For those looking for a clean, well dressed burger, the likes of Hawksmoor or Burger & Lobster are probably a better choice. Reaching the pinnacle of the London burger scene is no easy task, but MEATmarket deservedly takes it’s place among London’s top burger joints. One other nice aspect about MEATmarket is that you can order your food to go, perfect for those looking to munch on a delicious berger at home, while travelling from the West End.

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During our latest visit to MEATmarket we tried the following dishes:

  • Dead Hippie Burger (8/10)
  • Corn Dogs (8.5/10)
  • Cheese Steak (7.5/10)
  • Fries (7.5/10)

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The overall bill at MEATmarket came to £30 (including service charge).


Food rating for MEATmarket: 8/10

Service rating for MEATmarket: 8/10

Overall rating for MEATmarket: 8/10

(Overall rating is based on personal taste, opinion of the ambiance and price)


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