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Last year was the year of the steakhouses. Hawksmoor and Goodman’s took London by storm and since then the likes of Cut45 tried to get in on the action. The Danish steakhouse branch, MASH, decided the time is right to bring their franchise to London. On  a recommendation of a friend, I decided to give MASH Brewer st. a try.



Mash interior


MASH Brewer st. is located in the heart of Soho near another dining establishment that recently opened its doors, Zedel. Like Zedel the dining room is absolutely massive and the style is grande and impressive. In a sense it feels less like a steakhouse and more like a brasserie.






MASH Brewer st.: Veal sweetbreads (8/10)



MASH Brewer st.: Veal sweetbreads (8/10)


MASH stands for Modern American Steak House and therefore, not surprisingly, steak is the main feature on the menu (although they do serve a few other mains as well). They serve steaks from 4 origin: Danish, American, Japan (Wagyu) and Uruguay.



MASH Brewer st.: Danish ribeye (7/10)



MASH Brewer st.: Danish ribeye (7/10)


When I visited MASH Brewer st. I tried the following dishes:

  • Veal sweetbreads (8/10)
  • Danish ribeye (7/10)
  • Macaroni & Cheese (6/10)
  • Bone marrow (6.5/10)
  • Corn saute with bacon (7.5/10)



MASH Brewer st.:  & Cheese (6/10)


Given MASH‘s price range (a steak costs around £30-40) it’s in direct competition with the likes of Hawksmoor and Goodman. And unfortunately for MASH Brewer st., the steaks are Goodman’s and Hawksmoor are in a different league…it’s not even close. Also, the side dishes are much less tasty than either Hawksmoor or Goodman.



MASH Brewer st.: Bone marrow (6.5/10)



MASH Brewer st.: Corn saute with bacon (7.5/10)


Don’t get me wrong, while the food is decent, it’s overpriced vs. competition. The total bill at MASH Brewer st. came to £74 (incl. one glass of wine, water and service charge), which is too high for the quality of food and cooking.


Overall rating for MASH Brewer st.: 6.5/10

(The rating is based on the quality cooking, ingredients, ambience and price)

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