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Patty & Bun opened their doors for the first time this weekend. Foodies already knew the team from their their pop-up ventures over the past year or so. But the fact that they’ve now opened a proper restaurant will propel their popularity into new stratospheres.


Patty and Bun: Jose Jose Chilli burger (8.5/10)

London is experiencing a burger revolution at the moment. However, one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted (‘Ari Gold’ Burger) was by the hands of a team that only seemed to do pop-up restaurants. When I learned that Patty & Bun were finally opening a restaurant, I couldn’t wait to try out some more of their burgers.


Patty and Bun: The Lambshank burger (8/10)


When we visited Patty & Bun we tried the following dishes:

  • The Smokey Robinson burger (10/10)
  • Chips with rosemary and salt (8/10)
  • The Jose Jose Chilli burger (8.5/10)
  • The Lambshank burger (8/10)


Patty & Bun: Smokey Robinson burger (10/10)


While not as good as the Ari Gold Burger (which is also on the menu), the burgers we tried today at Patty & Bun were proper. Especially the Smokey Robinson burger was a true delight.  The joint is fairly small and was completely packed when we were there. Irrespective of how crowdy it was at  Patty& Bun, the  service was very good and pleasant.


Patty&Bun: Jose Jose Chilli burger (8.5/10)

Patty&Bun: Chips with rosemary and salt (8/10)


In total we paid £39 for our meal (including drinks and service charge).


Overall rating for Patty & Bun: 8/10

(The rating reflects the quality of cooking, quality of the produce, ambience and price)

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