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Jeremy Lee (Head chef and formerly from Blueprint Cafe) has garnered a lot of praise since taking over the reigns in the kitchen at Quo Vadis earlier in the year. We’ve been meaning to pay Quo Vadis a visit and recently we had the opportunity try it out.


Goose liver pate (8/10)

Grilled Ogleshied (9/10)


Quo Vadis is one of the eating establishments owned by Sam and Eddie Hart, who also own Barrafina and Fino. They clearly have and eye for good chefs and know how to run a restaurant. Quo Vadis is no exception in that sense. The service is exemplary, the decoration nice and the food of high standard. The cuisine at Quo Vadis is however different from Fino and Barrafina in that the latter two restaurants focus on Spanish cuisine whereas Quo Vadis is centred around modern British cuisine.


Crab & Mayo (8/10)

Smoked haddock fish cakes (7.5/10)


When we visited Quo Vadis we tried the following dishes:

  • Grilled Ogleshied (9/10)
  • Goose liver pate (8/10)
  • Shortcake (6/10)
  • Almond Tart (8/10)
  • Pheasant & Duck pie (7.5/10)
  • Chips (7/10)
  • Mashed potato (8/10)
  • Beef Onglet (7/10)
  • Smoked haddock fish cakes (7.5/10)
  • Crab & Mayo (8/10)


Beef Onglet (7/10)

Pheasant & Duck pie (7.5/10)

Chips (7/10)

Mashed potato (8/10)


Overall our dining experience at Quo Vadis was enjoyable and none of the dishes disappointed. The menu is a bit limited, but offers sufficient choice for most. A good feature about Jeremy Lee’s menus at Quo Vadis is that he changes them everyday depending on the produce he can source that day.


Almond Tart (8/10)

Shortcake (6/10)


In total the bill at Quo Vadis came to £129.25 (including half a bottle of Sangiovese, bottle of water and service charge). Given the location (centre of Soho) the bill is not insanely high but still too expensive when all factors are taken into account.


Overall rating for Quo Vadis:  7/10
(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of produce, overall service and price)

3 comments on “Quo Vadis, Nov 2012

  1. Ute@HungryinLondon

    I have just eaten at Quo Vadis for the first time last Sunday and I was rather disappointed. I agree with you on the pricing, far too expensive for what was offered. The food wasn’t bad, but far from memorable. The service was atrocious and the plates had fingerprints all over them. Yuck…

    1. TerryKnerryBoy Post author

      Yep, overrated! There are much better places in the area in terms of food, service and price (+ additional benefit of being served plates that come without fingerprints ;) )

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