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Bubbledogs opened its doors to the public this year and has received a tremendous amount of attention in the media and among food critics.  Recently the Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs was added in the back-end of Bubbledogs. We decided to try it out.


Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: James Knappett and team

Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Shrimps

Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Beetroot


While Bubbledogs solely focusses on serving hot dogs and champagne, the Kitchen Table @ Bobbledogs offers a completely different dining experience.  Kitchen Table offers only one set tasting menu. While the food served in Kitchen Table is definitely haute cuisine the setting is informal. The guests are all seated on bar stools around an open kitchen, where they can see the chefs prepare the dishes.


Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Crispy pig’s ears

Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Scallop

Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Scallop


When we visited Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs we tried the following dishes:

  • Shrimps (7/10)
  • Beetroot (7/10)
  • Crispy pig’s ears (8/10)
  • Scallop (8/10)
  • Plaice and sorrel mushrooms (8/10)
  • Lamb sweetbreads (7/10)
  • Venison (8/10)
  • Venison ragu (8/10)
  • Burrata dessert (7.5/10)
  • Rhubarb dessert (7/10)
  • Pear dessert (9/10)
  • Artichoke dessert (8/10)
  • Chocolate & blackberry dessert (8/10)


Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Plaice and sorrel mushrooms with black truffle

Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Lamb sweetbreads

Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Venison


The head chef, James Knappett, previously worked at Marcus Wareing and it shows in the quality and level of cooking. While dishes didn’t disappoint, none of the dishes wowed us either.  The stand out dishes for us were the Plaice, Venison, Pear dessert and the Chocolate blackberry dessert.


Venison ragu

Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs: Burrata dessert

The Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs: Rhubarb dessert


The service at Kitchen Table is very pleasant and warm. The restaurant also has a good selection of wines by the bottle and a few choices by the glass (they also serve cocktails, although we didn’t try any).


The Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs: Pear dessert

The Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Artichoke dessert

The Kitchen Table @ Bubbledogs: Chocolate and blackberry dessert


Overall rating for the Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs: 7.5/10

(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

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  1. edgeandspoon

    Hi there, great review – the food looks great from your lovely photos. Looking on their website, I can’t seem to find anything about Kitchen Table. Can you book? How much is the tasting menu? Etc etc. It would be great if you could email me to let me know! edgeandspoon@gmail.com. Thanks!


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