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Iberica Marylebone is one of London’s best Spanish tapas restaurants and we hadn’t been there for a long time. It was time we paid them a visit again to try out some of their dishes.


Iberica Marylebone: Fried squid (8/10)

Iberica Marylebone: Chorizo lollipops (8/10)

Iberica Marylebone: Cheese croquetas (7.5/10)


Iberica recently opened a second restaurant in Canary Wharf, but we decided to visit the original restaurant in Marylebone. The interior is best described as grand, open and cosy. A great place to spend a relaxing Sunday lunch.


Iberica Marylebone: Chorizo and chickpeas (8.5/10)

Iberica Marylebone: Pork belly (8/10)

Iberica Marylebone: Apple salad (8.5/10)


When we visited Iberica Marylebone we tried:

  • Apple salad (8.5/10)
  • Spanish omelette (7/10)
  • Asparagus (7/10)
  • Cod fritters (7.5/10)
  • Pimientos de padron (7/10)
  • Pork belly (8/10)
  • Chorizo and chickpeas (8.5/10)
  • Cheese croquetas (7.5/10)
  • Shrimps and mushrooms (8/10)
  • Chorizo lollipops (8/10)
  • Fried squid (8/10)
  • Rice pudding (9/10)
  • Cheese cake (9/10)
  • Chocolate dessert (9/10)
  • Iberica: Pimientos de padron (7/10)

    Iberica: Cod fritters (7.5/10)

    Iberica: Asparagus (7/10)

There are quite a few extremely good Spanish tapas restaurants in London (e.g., Barrafina, Pizarro, Dehesa, Opera Tavern and Donostia) and Iberica definitely belongs to be in this list. The cooking is original, of very high level and has it’s own distinctive twist.


Iberica Marylebone: Rice pudding (9/10)

Iberica Marylebone: Chocolate dessert (9/10)


Iberica Marylebone: Cheese cake (9/10)


In total we spend £135 during our lunch at Iberica Marylebone (including 2 glasses of wine and service charge).


Overall rating for Iberica: 8/10

(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

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