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Bodean’s is a chain of restaurants known for it’s American barbecue dishes and attracts carnivors from around London to its premises. As an avid carnivore, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try them out.


I visited Bodean’s Tower Bridge branche on a Sunday night. The restaurant consists of a bar area upstairs and a larger downstairs restaurant. The place it littered with big screens tv’s airing primairily Barclays premiership and American Football matches. When I was there the clientele consisted mostly of American expats who came to watch the NY Giants game while munching on a some slow-cooked BBQ.



When I visited Bodean’s I tried out the following dishes:

  • 1/4 Pound All-Beef Hot Dog with Jalapeno’s (7/10)
  • BBQ Burnt Ends & Pulled Pork (7/10)



The food at Bodean’s is a generally good, but to be honest I have had better que in London. In particular, I rate the food at Pitt Que & Co higher (more depth of flavour and better produce). However, for a chain of restaurants Bodean’s does offer a good proposition.


In total the bill at Bodean’s came to £22 (including service charge).


Overall rating for Bodean’s: 7/10
(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

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