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London is going through a ‘Burger revolution’ at the moment and MEATmarket is one of the more prominent burger joints to have opened up recently.


MEATmarket: an 80′s burger joint


MEATmarket: an 80′s burger joint


The dining scene in London is constantly evolving and one of the main trends at the moment is centred around burgers, hotdogs, buns, etc. Think Bubbledogs, Dirty Burger, MEATliquor, Elliot’s cafe, Yum Buns, Tommi’s Burger Joint, etc.  MEATmarket is brought to you by the same people behind MEATliquor and the MEATwagon.



MEATmarket: Dead Hippie burger (8/10)


MEATmarket‘s interior is that of an 80′s burger joint with light signs, jukebox and plastic menu board and all. The look is great and really takes you back to the 80′s. The dining area is overlooking the Covent Garden Jubilee Market and offers a perfect opportunity to escape away from the hectic scenes around Covent Garden.


MEATmarket: Dead Hippie burger (8/10)



One of the nice aspects of MEATmarket is that they do take-away (so does MEATliqour), which makes a lot of sense especially during the peak hours.


Overall rating for MEATmarket: 8/10

(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

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