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The new Michelin guide came out last week and Brasserie Zedel, who opened their doors only a few months ago, were one of the winners of a new Bib Gourmand accreditation (I.e., very good price / quality).  We decided to try it out.


Zedel: Pissaladiere – pastry with onions, anchovies and olives (9/10)


The creative team behind Brasserie Zedel also created The Wolseley and The Delaunay. While the Wolseley focusses on English cuisine and The Delaunay Central European cuisine, Brasserie Zedel is a strictly French affair.


Zedel: Cuisse Grenouille – Frog’s legs (7.5/10)


The interior at Brasserie Zedel is that of a grande French Brasserie and being at  Zedel really makes you feel like you’re in France. The space is absolutely huge and consists of a massive dining area, a primary bar area, a secondary bar area where live Jazz music is performed and a cafeteria upstairs.


Zedel: Escargots (7.5/10)


Zedel: Soupe Dubarry – cauliflower soup (8/10)


During our visit to Brasserie Zedel we tried the following dishes:

  • Pissaladiere – pastry with onions, anchovies and olives (9/10)
  • Cuisse Grenouille – Frog’s legs (7.5/10)
  • Escargots (7.5/10)
  • Soupe Dubarry – cauliflower soup (8/10)
  • Goujonette – fried fish fingers (8/10)
  • Choucroute  à l’Alsacienne - Sauerkraut (7.5/10)
  • Profiteroles (7.5/10)
  • Ile Flottante (8/10)

Zedel: Goujonette – fried fish fingers (8/10)

All in all, the food at  Zedel was good. The cooking is warm and comforting, as you would expect from any good French brasserie and it  doesn’t disappoint.  We particularly enjoyed the Pissaladiere (somewhat similar to the complementary onion bread served at Koffman’s), the Goujonette (fried fish fingers) and Ile Flottante dessert.

Zedel: Choucroute à l’Alsacienne – Sauerkraut (7.5/10)

However, there is also still room for improvement at Zedel. For instance, I prefer my Choucroute to be more sour  (it lacked a bit of a punch for me). Also be aware that the starter dishes are fairly small, so if you’re hungry make sure to order more than one starter.

Zedel: Profiteroles (7.5/10)

The service was good at Zedel and the total bill came to £71 (incl. large glass of wine, a glass of lemonade, bottle of still water and service charge). That does make it worthy of the Bib Gourmand accreditation (especially considering the location of the Zedel smack bang around Piccadilly Circus).

Zedel: Ile Flottante (8/10)


Overall rating for Zedel: 7/10

(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

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  3. Stephanie Gray

    If you go to Brasserie Zedel again don’t make the mistake of ordering a green salad. I ordered one to accompany my fish (incorrectly served cold and leathery before being exchanged for freshly cooked, warm and succulent flesh) and it was 2 lettuce leaves. The prices may be low but at over £1 a leaf it was a rip off.

    1. TerryKnerryBoy Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Stephanie. Yes, I think Zedel is ok but nothing special and as you say, low prices are good as long as it doesn’t mean bad quality or low quantity.

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