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In the past week St. John Hotel was one of the few restaurants that were awarded a Michelin star. We’d already been to St. John Smithfield (which also has a Michelin star) and St. John Bread & Wine and we were keen to try out the latest of the St. John dining establishments.


St. John Hotel: Open Kitchen


St John Hotel: Buck Rarebit (9/10)


Fergus Henderson, the head chef of the St. John restaurants, is one of the most important figures in the English dining scene. He essentially single handedly made head-to-tail dining fashionable and his cooking has won him much critical acclaim (among others Anthony Bourdain is a big fan of his cooking).


St. John Hotel: Welsh Rarebit (8/10)


St. John Hotel: Salt Hake Fritter & Tartare (8.5/10)


Like the other St. John restaurants, St. John Hotel specialises in head-to-tail dishes. The interior is also fairly similar to the other restaurants (toned down, simple and mostly white). The dining area is not very large (houses maybe about 20-30 seats) and a nice feature of the dining room is that it is overlooking the open kitchen.


St John Hotel: Brown Shrimp, Artichoke & Egg (8.5/10)


St. John Hotel: Sweetcorn & Hot Butter (8.5/10)


During our visit to St. John Hotel we tried the following dishes:

  • Welsh Rarebit (8/10)
  • Buck Rarebit (9/10)
  • Salt Hake Fritter & Tartare (8.5/10)
  • Sweetcorn & Hot Butter (8.5/10)
  • Brown Shrimp, Artichoke & Egg (8.5/10)
  • Beef Mince Pie, for two (9/10)
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut Eclair (9/10)
  • Apple Crumble & Custard (9/10)
  • Queen of Puddings (10/10)


St. John hotel: Beef Mince Pie, for two (9/10)


St. John Hotel: Mashed potatoes


So far, this dining experience at St. John Hotel was the best head-to-tail eating experience I’ve had in London (shared with Magdalen restaurant, which also serves up some mean head-to-tail dishes).


St. John Hotel: Apple Crumble & Custard (9/10)


St. John Hotel: Queen of Puddings (10/10)


In total we paid £130 for three people (including coffee, soft drinks, water and service charge) at St. John Hotel, which is a fair price for the level of cooking and location.


St John Hotel: Chocolate & Hazelnut Eclair (9/10)


St. John Hotel: Queen of Puddings (10/10)


Overall rating for St. John Hotel: 8.5/10

(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

3 comments on “St. John Hotel Restaurant, Oct 2012

  1. Vialaporte

    Oh my god, we’re going really soon after engaging some decent budget to cover this place. I think I’ll have a go to the head chef. Michelin is totally wrong in awarding this kind of concept in this country. This is the downfall of cooking.
    What about awarding lack of inovation and creativity. this place seems just like any other St John’s resto, a presentation of grand mother food, however nicely done, this has nothing to do with Michelin.
    The UK guide is going more and more wrong.
    Certainly a Bid…not a star…

    Can’t wait to judge and send an email to the runner and the Michelin head.

    vialaporte will get back the standard of excellence in this country.
    this is our mission.

    1. TerryKnerryBoy Post author

      Hey VialaPorte, thanks for visiting the blog. I completely understand where you’re coming from. The food and service is very similar to the other St. John establishments (so certainly not original in that sense). However, if the food and service at St. John’s on St. John street is worth a Michelin star, then so should St. John Hotel (as the service and food is very similar; personally I prefer the food at the Hotel slightly, but that is just based on one visit, which is not sufficient to make any definitive claims).

      Ps. your site looks great. However, I can’t believe you like Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester…surely it is much overrated? When I visited the cooking was good on a technical level, but completely lacked innovation / originality…

      1. vialaporte

        I agree on the innovation for Ducasse, but that’s all the power of his talent, to do simple and tradional dishes up to perfection. If A Ducasse was heading St John’s it would be the perfection. It’s most amazing products with highest flavour. That’s all the difference and visit his flagship in Paris at Plaza Athennee, there inovation takes place. But A Ducasse is not gimmick for sure. For that, you indeed would prefer Girona’s nest or Fat Duck Oranges Foie Gras.

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