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On the surface Duck and Waffle poses as an up-scale posh casual dining restaurant, but from the first bite it’s clear that Duck and Waffle is in fact something entirely different: “Unadulterated Food Porn“.


Duck and Waffle: view from 40th floor of Heron Tower


Duck and Waffle: Bar area


Duck and Waffle: Dining area


Duck and Waffle: Kitchen


Duck and Waffle only recently opened its doors and has received rave reviews from food critics and  food bloggers. Many have highlighted the stunning views. Duck and Waffle is situated on the 40th floor of the new Heron Tower and offers a 360 degree view of the city of London.


Duck and Waffle: Foie gras breakfast (10/10)


Duck and Waffle: Crispy fried Pigs ears (9/10)



Those with fear of heights had better close their eyes in the lift up to the 40th floor and best not sit by any of the glass walls. The restaurant consists of a bar area and large dining room. Another interesting feature of the Duck and Waffle is that the restaurant is open 24 hours of the day!


Duck and Waffle: Lamb cutlets (9/10)



The food at the Duck and Waffle is very difficult to put in one category, it’s very eclectic, but it seems like the chef likes to indulge in creating unexpected combinations of some of the most guilty culinary pleasures.


Duck and Waffle: mocktail


Duck and Waffle: Rabbit rillettes (8.5/10)



When we were at the Duck and Waffle we tried the following dishes:

  • Foie gras breakfast (10/10)
  • Crispy fried Pigs ears (9/10)
  • Rosemary bread (8/10)
  • Rabbit rillettes (8.5/10)
  • Duck & Waffles (9.5/10)
  • Lamb cutlets (9/10)
  • Eton mess (9.5/10)
  • Torrejas (9.5/10)


Duck and Waffle: Eton mess (9.5/10)


The food at Duck and Waffle is very good. On hearing some of the combinations, it sounds as if they shouldn’t work…duck confit with waffles?! However, after tasting the actual dishes you can’t conclude other than: Yes, come to papa!


Duck and Waffle: Torrejas (9.5/10)


When we were there the service was pleasant and accommodating. In total we spend £75 at Duck and Waffle (including service charge, water and mocktail).


Overall rating for Duck and Waffle: 8.5/10

(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

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