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We’ve been to Elliot’s cafe on several occasions and never has it disappointed. It was time again to see how they faired after not having visited them for a few months. As always it turned out to be excellent!


Elliot’s cafe: Goat’s curd, honey comb and brioche (10/10)


Elliot’s cafe: Brandade and crisps (9/10)


Elliot’s cafe: Ricotta, girolles gniocci (9/10)


Normally, when we go to Elliot’s cafe , we tend to go for Sunday lunch (which is a set menu), but this time we decided to go on Saturday for lunch (a la carte menu). As always, Elliot’s cafe sources all the produce from Borough Food market, where the restaurant is situated.


Elliot’s cafe: Ox tongue and beans (8/10)


Elliot’s cafe: Potatoes side dish (10/10)


The dishes at  Elliot’s cafe are best shared and this time we tried:

  • Goat’s curd, honey comb and brioche (10/10)
  • Brandade and crisps (9/10)
  • Ox tongue and beans (8/10)
  • Squid and curry (8.5/10)
  • Ricotta, girolles gniocci (9/10)
  • Potatoes side dish (10/10)
  • Garlic bread (9.5/10)
  • Lamb with tomatoes and olives (9/10)
  • Chocolate mousse and icecream (9/10)
  • Plum, lemon, custard and shortbread (9/10)


Elliot’s cafe: Squid and curry (8.5/10)


Elliot’s cafe: Lamb with tomatoes and olives (9/10)


Elliot’s cafe is one of these places that you’d rather keep to yourself so that it doesn’t get overrun with dinners and difficult to book a table. However, the food here is so good, that you can’t really help but shoot about it.


Elliot’s cafe: Plum, lemon, custard and shortbread (9/10)


Elliot’s cafe: Chocolate mousse and icecream


After my many visits to Elliot’s cafe I firmly believe it is one of the very dining experiences to be had in London. Particularly if you take the price into account (we were with 4 people and the bill came to £95). The service has been consistently good as well.


Overall rating for Elliot’s cafe: 8.5/10

(The rating reflects quality of cooking, quality of food, overall service and price)

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