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Sunny Saturday afternoon, what better time for Spanish tapas at Barrafina. We’ve been there many many times, but not in the last 2 years or so. So it was a perfect occasion to retry Barrafina.


Barrafina: Pimentos de padron (7/10)


A few years ago Barrafina was one of the very few modern tapas places in London. It received great reviews across the board and since then many other good modern Spanish tapas restaurants have popped in London (think Pizarro, Donostia and Opera Tavern). In fact the head chef of Barrafina moved to Donostia and is creating some tasty dishes over there.



Barrafina: Courgette flower filled with soft goat’s cheese (8.5/10)


Barrafina: Cod fritters (8.5/10)

During this visit to Barrafina we tried:

  • Courgette flower filled with soft goat’s cheese (8.5/10)
  • Pencas filled with chard, cheese and ham (8/10)
  • Pimentos de padron (7/10)
  • Cod fritters (8.5/10)
  • Chipperonnes (9/10)
  • Patatas bravas (8/10)
  • Fennel salad (8.5/10)
  • Duck magret (8/10)





Barrafina: Fennel salad (8.5/10)


Barrafina: Patatas bravas (8/10)


After a yet another tasty meal, I can happily conclude that Barrafina is still a top notch restaurant (for instance, the owner from the world renowned Le Chateaubriand in Paris was there) and well worth a visit.


Barrafina: Pencas filled with chard, cheese and ham (8/10)


Barrafina: Chipperonnes (9/10)


In total we spent about £85 for our meal at Barrafina (incl. 3 glasses of wine, still water and service charge), which for central London and the quality of the food is a fair price.


Barrafina: Duck magret (8/10)


Do note that Barrafina doesn’t take any bookings. So it pays to go early so you don’t have to stand in line…trust me, it fills up very quickly. Enjoy.


Overall rating for Barrafina: 8.5/10

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