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I was expecting a lot from St. John restaurant, but when we were there, it didn’t it deliver to its fullest potential (to be perfectly frank, I far prefer the cooking at Magdalen).


The dishes at St. John restaurant are different from most restaurants but the main aim of a dish should be that it delivers great flavours.


St. John restaurant has been at the forefront of the head-to-tail movement and garnered much critical acclaim over the years by doing so.


However, when we were at St. John restaurant many of the dishes that we tried (even the much lauded ‘bone marrow salad’ ) were ok, but not as great as hyped-up to be on various blogs and reviews.
The location is great and the interior has a real nice feel to it. And the service at St. John restaurant  is very good. But if I compare the food to other ‘head-to-tail’ restaurants, it certainly isn’t the best I’ve tried (for instance, I prefer Magdalen or Anchor and Hope).


Will I be back to St. John restaurant? Probably, but only after I’ve tried many other ‘head to tail’ restaurants.


Overall rating of St. John restaurant: 7.5/10

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