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Portal located in a very culinairy dense area of London (around Smithfield’s Market) and has to compete with the likes of St. John, North Road and Bistrot Bruno Loubet for the affection of the dining public.


After we visited Portal we left feeling confused and not knowing what to think of the place. It’s as if the chef isn’t able to make up his mind as to whether he wants this to be a ‘Michelin’ culinary dining experience (although the cooking is very good and skill full the dishes are too uneven to be considered ‘haute cuisine’) or whether he wants to create hearty / warm dishes with a quirky edge.


Don’t get me wrong, we enjoyed most of what we tried during our dinner at Portal. I particularly liked the rack of lamb and the braised Bisaro with broad beans and Iberian ham mash was very tasty.


However, some dishes and flavour combinations at Portal just didn’t work. For instance the cucumber and champagne soup tasted of nothingness and the flavour combination of froie gras covered with chocolate was questionable.


The Portal dining room is very nice (impressive even) and the service is good.


Overall Portal is a good restaurant and worth visiting.


Overall rating of Portal: 7.5/10

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