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Greenhouse restaurant turns out to be more than we could have hoped for. We expected a stuffy, old fashioned restaurant…instead we got unexpected flavour combinations to go with tried and tested classics.


The Greenhouse: Amuse bouche


When we were there, the Greenhouse‘s new head chef headed the kitchen that day for the first (before joining he was at 2 star Spondi in Athens) and his start is very very promising.


The Greenhouse: Scallops


The Greenhouse: Scallops


During our lunch at the Greenhouse we opted for the tasting menu and were particularly impressed with the scallops (extremely well seasoned), the foie gras, the John Dory, the chocolate dessert (although Avi was less impressed with the chocolate sponge, because she just doesn’t like sponges).


The Greenhouse; John Dory


Many have already commented on the lovely garden at the Greenhouse (reminds me of a typical nouveau riche Californian Feng Shue kinda garden), so won’t comment other than to say that it is as lovely as many have mentioned.


The Greenhouse: Chocolate dessert


All in all a very promising start from the new chef at the Greenhouse.

Overall rating of the Greenhouse: 8.5/10

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