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Antico is a nice a addition to a street that is blessed with some amazing restaurants (Pizarro, Zucca and to a lesser extend Village East, The Garrison and Jose).


The at Antico head chef trained under Pizarro, the interior is nice and the menu has something for most tastes. Also offers a nice selection of wine with some good alternatives by the glass and carafe. And the service is very good.


However, I do have a few gripes with Antico. In comparing it to the other restaurants in the same street:

  •  The pasta dishes are too expensive (around £15) and the dishes contain too much pasta (too thick) and not enough sauce (tried both the pork tortellini and the duck & orange ravioli)
  • The pork chop contains too much meat and not enough fatty bits (i.e., it’s not a succulent pork chop)
  • Pannacotta is not as delicate in flavour as for instance as Zucca‘s
  • Chocolate cake pales in comparison to Zucca‘s (but then again their cakes are on a different level almost any restaurant I’ve tried)


Please don’t get me wrong. I think Antico shows promise, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.


Overall rating of Antico: 7.5/10

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