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Trinity restaurant is a good restaurant that is situated south of river and has garnered quite a bit of headlines. However, based on our visit to Trinity restaurant I would also conclude that it is certainly not mind blowing.


The service at Trinity is good (a bit slow on a Saturday night, but the waiters are engaging), the decoration classy and stylish, the food is competent, but nothing to rave about (we went for the tasting menu).


Many of the dishes we had during our dinner at Trinity restaurant, we’ve seen done better at other restaurants. For instance, the ravioli was good, but Apsleys, Bocca di Lupo or Zucca do ravioli so much better), the pumpkin soup was nice but I’ll have forgotten about it in a couple of weeks (compare it to Terroir‘s pumpkin soup, which will blow your mind), etc.


What we liked during dinner at Trinity restaurant:

  • The Beef Wellington was delish
  • The chocolate dessert very moorish (best dish of the night)
  • The sour dough bread at Trinity restaurant is served fresh and warm and comes with nice butter


Some ideas for improvement for Trinity restaurant:

  • The entrance area of Trinity restaurant is too small and easily get’s crowded
  • It’s too noisy at Trinity restaurant. I’m all for chatter and nice banter, but the acoustics need work. It get’s too loud too quickly…to the point you have difficulty hearing each other
  • It can get really cold in the seating area at Trinity restaurant. It was about 1 degree outside when we went and we were seated by the window. Avi kept complaining about how cold she was. They put the heating up, but it didn’t seem to help much


Overall Trinity restaurant is a decent restaurant, but I’d only go again if I happen to be in the area.


Overall rating of Trinity restaurant: 7/10

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