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Square Meal

The owners of the Riding House cafe have taken the best attributes of their other two restaurants (the laid-back atmosphere of the Garisson -see review- and some of their best dishes at Village East -see review-) and combined them into one at this place.


Located behind the hustle and bustle of Picadilly circus and Oxford street the Riding House cafe is a perfect restaurant to get lost away after  a busy day of frivolous shopping.


The decoration in the  Riding House cafe is quaint and almost fantastical (stuffed squirrels climbing up the wall, etc) and the service is as good as you’ll find in any casual London restaurant. The dishes at  the Riding House cafe are best described and Modern British and many dishes are meant to be shared.


Overall the Riding House cafe is a good restaurant experience (certainly not the best in the area though) and worth going to if you are in the area.


Overall rating of the Riding House cafe: 7/10

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