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Square Meal

Marcus Wareing is located in the beautiful and impressive Berkeley hotel. Within these plush surroundings it’s easy to loose yourself amidst a wonderful culinary experience.


I’ve found that Michelin star dining in London often pales in comparison to Michelin star dining in for instance Spain or France. Luckily I’ve found that dining at Marcus Wareing actually meets and exceeds expectations.

We opted for the Marcus Wareing Gourmand menu (Friday evenings you can’t choose from the cart). All the dishes worked well and I especially loved the smoked flavour of the Great Garnetts suckling pig, chorizo, polenta, turnips.

Dining at Marcus Wareing is one of the best dining experiences to be had in London (I would say Joel Robouchon and The Ledbury offer similar experiences). Certainly worth a visit.

Overall rating of Marcus Wareing: 8.5/10

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