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I can’t knock Chez Bruce too much. After all, Michel Roux Jr. was sitting at the table behind us. So it can’t be too bad.

The food is very good, plenty of choice and the wine list is quite extensive as well.

However, it seems as if people in Clapham live in their own little bubble and aren’t aware of what top quality is. I’ve seen it with Trinity, which seems to be much more popular than Tom Ilic, but the latter is better.

And now I’ve encountered it again with Chez Bruce, which is arguably considered to be the best restaurant South of the river…but Chez Bruce isn’t by a long shot. For instance try Magdalen, and Zucca for a starter. All of these are south of the river and offer better taste, value and are more innovative.

During our dinner at Chez Bruce we went for the foie gras with brioche and oxtail for starters. For mains we chose the black ink risotte with seabass and the pigeon anjou. And dessert we went for the chocolate fondant and the buttermilk pudding. All dishes tasted great (hence the 4 stars) and especially the black ink risotto with seabass was extremely good.


Combined with half a bottle of Valpolicella, glass of Riesling and bottle of water we paid about GBP 140 in total for dinner at Chez Bruce.

One main gripe that I have with Chez Bruce is the wait time between the courses. Between each course we waited 15-20mins…that’s too long for a Michelin star restaurant.

All in all Chez Bruce is still a very good restaurant and I will probably return. But if anyone ever claims that it’s the best restaurant south of the river…well now you know, it’s just not true.

Overall rating: 7.5/10

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