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The food at Ducksoup is ok and the service is very good, but not as good as some of the other tapas-type restaurants (Barrafina, Bocca di Lupo, Dehesa, Polppo, etc) in the area and too expensive for what it is.


During our lunch at  Ducksoup we opted for the artichoke (6/10), foie gras on toast (8/10), ox-tail risotto (7/10), plaice (7/10), quail (7/10) and some cheese (8/10).


The wines are interesting at  Ducksoup, in that they serve natural (not just organic) wines and therefore you can try wines that are difficult to find anywhere else.


We went for 4 glasses and in total the bill at  Ducksoup was just under GBP 100, which is too much for what it is (GBP 70-80 would have been more appropriate).


Overall rating of  Ducksoup: 7/10

2 comments on “Ducksoup, Mar 2012

  1. Nicole

    umm i dont understand why was your bill so high since its around 20 quid each time when i go for a 3 course meal and mayb are 25-30 including wine, if you drink a lot of wine its obviously going to be expensive, I personally think that Barrafina, Dehesa, Polppo are more expensive and i prefer the concept of duck soup by keeping everything simple

    1. TerryKnerryBoy Post author

      Hi Nicole, thanks for checking out the blog. I eat a lot! So the bill is probably high because of that reason :) )

      However, I eat a lot in all restaurants…so comparisons across restaurants should still be ok.

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