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The Waterside Inn is quaintly situated along the river in the beautiful town of Bray. It forms part of the Roux dining empire and has held 3 Michelin stars for a massive 25 years.




The dining legacy is amazing around this family and it all started with the brothers Albert and Michel Roux, who basically revolutionised upscale dining in the UK. There influence can still be seen today throughout the cooking of many top chefs, but at no other place will you experience it stronger than at the Waterside Inn (and Le Gavroche).


The Waterside Inn: Foie gras with orange


During our dinner at the Waterside Inn, we opted for Le Menu Exceptionnel. For starters we were offered the Devon Crab and marinated Seabass served on carrot jelly (8.5/10), Foie gras with blood orange (10/10)for starters.



For mains we had the poached Dover Sole with stunning “vin jaune” sauce (11/10, best dish of the night and best Sole I’ve ever had) and the legendary Waterside Inn spit-roasted Duck for two (9/10). And for dessert we had the Hazelnut florentin with Chocolate Mousse (8/10) and Rhubarb Soufflé (7/10).


- The Waterside Inn:  Devon Crab and marinated Seabass served on carrot jelly (8.5/10)


-The Waterside Inn:  Stunning Dover Sole with stunning “vin jaune” sauce (11/10, best dish of the night and best Sole I’ve ever had)


A few things to note about the Waterside Inn:

  • Staff very friendly and attentive
  • Even though the interior is old fashioned you feel you’re in a special place
  • Fresh quality ingredients and traditional French cooking
  • Alain was extremely humble and shy (in a nice way)
  • There is proper spacing between tables



-The Waterside Inn:  Carving of the spit roasted duck


The Waterside Inn: Amazing spit roasted duck


We visited the Fat Duck (see review), Waterside Inn and the Hind’s Head (see review) in the same weekend. I’d say all three are at the top of their game, but offer a completely different experience. The Fat Duck is all about evoking all your senses and sparking your imagination; the Waterside Inn is about classical French flavours combined with extremely fresh produce; and the Hind’s Head is about British soul food.


- The Waterside Inn: Nice souffle, but the cheese souffle at Le Gavroche (not a dessert) is better



For some reason the Waterside Inn reminds me of Taillevent (see review); both restaurants are steeped in culinary history and a must visit foodies who want to experience French cooking at its best and both restaurants set a standard for excellence that can only be matched by very few restaurants worldwide.



Overall rating of the Waterside Inn: 9/10

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