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London is blessed with some of the best restaurants in the world. And Zucca ranks amongst the absolute top. Especially if you take price into account, you can’t help but conclude it’s one of the best restaurants in London.


If you want to try the restaurant scene in London, but don’t want to loot your bank account try Zucca, The Corner Room (review), 10 Greek Street (review), Pizarro (review), Brawn (review) or 40 Maltby street.

Zucca‘s philosophy is straightforward: Use simple, high-quality Italian ingredients to create extremely well balanced dishes. They change the menu frequently and always have daily specials. Zucca also has some of the best tarts I’ve ever had (moist, not too sugary, with a kick) and their panacotta legendary.


Zucca: Mackerel


Zucca: Sea food spaghetti


Zucca: Tomato, sweet onion and cheese


Zucca: Tomato, sweet onion and cheese… just gorgeous


Zucca: Egg, mushrooms and cheese


Zucca: Tagliatelli, so simple but so so good because of the quality of ingredients used (and expert cooking)


Zucca: Tagliatelli


Zucca: Oxtail and polenta-

Zucca: Almond tart


The wine list at Zucca is impressive (I’ve never seen so many Barolos in a non-Michelin star restaurant).

Just go there and experience some of London’s best!


Overall vote of Zucca: 10/10

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