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Viajante is a quality restaurant that recently opened it’s doors. I wouldn’t be surprised if Viajante will earn their first Michelin star this/next year (update: Viajante won a Michelin star that year).


The food at Viajante is very very good and the ambience cosy and comforting. We went for the 12 course blind tasting menu with Viajante wine pairing and there were many great dishes among them.


Viajante: The menu


Viajante: Thai explosion


Viajante: Wild green and white asparagus with milk skin and crisp bread


Viajante: Razor clams with chicory and rhubarb


Viajante: Squid in its own ink pickled radishes and sea lettuce


Viajante: Brill with daikon and red currants


The dishes were very imaginative and creative and on par with dining expiriences at The Ledbury (see review of 2nd visit in 2012) and Pied a Terre.


Viajante: Charred leek hearts with cured lobster and leek consomme


Viajante: Cod and potatoes with egg yolk and saffron


Viajante: Confit Salmon fried aubergine and braised skin


Viajante: Venison in hay cauliflower and onion


Viajante: Duck hearts and tongue with mushroom floss and spiced broth


Viajante: Lamb loin and belly with wild garlic and cereals


Viajante: Frozen maple with shiso and green apple


Viajante: Parsnips and milk


Viajante: White chocolate with grapefruit and lemon


One slight negative comment, sometimes the dishes came out a bit late (for instance, after the glass of white wine started to cool off). Other than that, Viajante is worthy addition to London’s culinaire offering and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon it will be considered one of London’s best restaurants.


Overall vote of Viajante: 9/10

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